1. Object identification
  2. project set-up and Selenium commands
  3. TestNG framework
  4. Maven build management tool
  5. Real time data driven project
  6. Jenkins
  7. Cucumber 
What is Framework
How to start with Framework.
Types of frameworks
What is Keyword Driven Framework
What is Data driven Framework
What is Hybrid framework
How to create Data driven Framework
How to use Use Data Driven Framework.
Importance of Data Driven Framework
Installation of eclipse
Installing selenium – java files required
Setup of Java in system
Uploading required files in to eclipse
Creation of project
Creation of Class
Creating & executing first program
Basic commands of Selenium webdriver
Installing the Firebug
Various developer tools for browsers for
identification of web-elements
Various locator techniques
ID, name, Xpath, CSS
Importance of Xpath
Absolute & relative Xpath
First program on locator techniques
Live example on an application
Internet Explorer
Difference between various drivers
Live example on an application
Handling Checkboxes.
IsSelected Method.
Is displayed Method.
Live examples on applications
Exercise on above functionalities
Handling Alerts.
Methods to handle sudden alerts on applications
Handling Tables.
Handling the automation of table data
Getting cell data & printing the output
Live examples on applications
Exercise on above functionalities
Ajax funtionalites.
Webdriver sleep methods.
Handling above functionalities using various methods
Actions Interface introduction.
Actions methods.
Handling ui/li tags CSS Menu Selectors.
Right clicking on element.
double clicking,drag and drop,
Writing text in CAPS.
Keyboard Interactions.
Exercise on above functionalites.
What are frames
How to identify the frame id.
Frame tagnames.
Switching to and fro from frames.
Live example & commands for above
Exercises on above funtionalites.
Introduction to java script executor
Usage of Java script executor
Javascript Executor.
What is TestNG
How to Use of TestNg.
Installing TestNG in Eclipse
Difference between Junit & TestNG
What is a Annotation
Importance of Annotations
Types of TestNG Annotations.
What is TestNG xml file.
How to create TestNG xml file
Executing scripts with TestNG:
How to execute Tests using TestNG
Executing single Test with TestNG
Executing selected scripts with TestNG
Executing Scripts in group.
What is Maven
Importance of Maven
Difference between Ant & Maven
Installing Maven
Setup of Maven in system
Prerequisite for Maven in computer
Verifying the existence of maven after setup
Desigining real time project with Maven
Real time project